The Value of Collecting Antiques

Collecting antiques can be enjoyable for many reasons. It can be a hobby, or for decorating one’s home or office, or for sentimental value. There are also many people that experience a level of excitement when searching for a certain antique. The one reason that makes antique collecting so much fun is the wonderful excitement of finding a treasure.

One evening I went to a nearby auction and bid on a small Tiffany & Co. sterling silver tray. I was able to win the item for just over $100. I was then able to sell the tray on E-Bay for over $1200. This was a wonderful find and made me want to keep looking for treasures. It does not happen often but it sure builds up your excitement when it does. The key with collecting in any field is having an idea of what you want to collect.

It is important when you start collecting, to pick one field and learn all about it. One important word in antique collecting is research. If you don’t collect antiques now, then take some time and fin something you may like the best. It could be anything like antique furniture, vintage jewelry, wedge-wood, crystal, Majolica, oil paintings, clocks, musical boxes, pottery, porcelain, or even early Tiffany & Co . I would just pick one area to start off with and begin building your own collection.

You may think its fun finding treasures that you can build investment value towards. You may even pass down items you have stumbled across to your children or someone in your family that might enjoy that antique treasure as much as you did.

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