Estate Purchasing

We know that sometimes the need to move to another city may happen, or you may need to downsize due to moving into a smaller home. Perhaps you need to redesign or replace a piece of furniture within your home. Our purchasing service can help you with these needs.

Contact us by email or by phone to let us know what you have in mind to sell. You can send us a few photos of your item(s) using our helpful online forms. We can then work to schedule an appointment at your convenience to discuss your items.

We prefer furniture made of solid wood but will consider other furniture as well. We are also interested in other items, such as art, jewelry and other collectible items. We do buy for resale. While you may have a chance to sell at a higher price on your own, you may not have the time or resources. We will work with you to find a good fair market wholesale price. Contact us today and lets schedule that appointment to talk about your items for sale.